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Ready steady…

Pick your favourites form the DesignMarch 2016 program

The program for DesignMarch 2016 is out and as expected this year will be a feast for design enthusiasts. HA recommends everybody to read thoroughly through the program and to make a good plan for the weekend ahead, 10-13. March. 

Here is a link to the program of DesignMarch 2016

…and a few words from the DesignMarch team:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.“ said Paul Bennett, IDEO, who spoke at the very first DesignMarch, held in 2009

DesignMarch is a child of the financial crisis. We’ve used the time. It’s been fun. Educational and difficult at times.

We’ve worked incredibly hard. We’ve designed, tested, researched, taken risks, joined forces, made mistakes, cried, tried again and laughed. Never given up. It takes time, after all, to change the ways in our industry, in our culture, in our society. It is time consuming to convince others that new questions, focuses and methods are the way forward. We designers and architects know new techniques and methodology.

A tremendous amount of work, hours and energy by a number of designers and architects have been invested in projects and development of the industry. Over 1000 designers and architects own the Iceland Design Centre together through their professional associations. In the past 8 years, the centre has employed some 30 members of staff, 15 interns and 40-50 designers in various different boards. The number of participants in various conferences, projects, meetings, events and exhibitions both in Iceland and abroad reaches hundreds. Companies, institutions and politicians with a vision have helped us succeed.  

In the financial crisis we have given birth to DesignMarch, Design Fund, Icelandic Design Award, HA magazine on Icelandic design and architecture, the first Icelandic design policy 2014-2018 and ran projects such as the Icelandic Contemporary Design exhibition, Nordic Design Lunch and WE LIVE HERE abroad. In addition, we run multiple websites and have various other tools, methods and structures in place and operating, ready to be developed further.

Yet we are just beginning, eight years old with growing pains, on our way to DesignMarch.

The financial crisis is over and a lot has changed. We did not let the crisis go to waste.

Dear friends, let’s experience, enjoy and continue to change. Happy DesignMarch!

P.S. We need a new office space and more coffee cups.

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