About HA

HA is the magazine on Icelandic design and architecture. We cover all aspects of Icelandic design, past, present, and future. From innovative up-and-comers and big talent, HA celebrates the designers that shape our world.

HA is dual-language publication – published in both Icelandic and English. The biannual magazine is published in late May and November.

HA is available in Eymundsson bookstores all around Iceland and in most design stores in the capital area, including Epal, Aurum, Hrím, Geysir, Akkúrat Reykjavik Art Museum and the National Gallery of Iceland.

HA magazine is published by Iceland Design Centre, which is owned by nine associations: Association of Icelandic Architects, The Icelandic Society of Furniture and Interior Architects, The Federation of Icelandic Landscape Architects, The Association of Icelandic Product and Industrial Designers, The Icelandic Association of Ceramic Artists, The Association of Icelandic Fashion Designers, The Icelandic Textile Guild, The Icelandic Goldsmith Association and The Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers.

Editorial team

María Kristín Jónsdóttir

Elísabet V. Ingvarsdóttir
Editorial board

Garðar Snæbjörnsson
Editorial board

María Rán Guðjónsdóttir
Editorial board



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