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Studio Trippin
From by-product to designer product

Design team Studio Trippin is blazing new trails with its utilization of horse hides and, in so doing, is transforming a previously unused by-product into an interesting designer product. Horse hides haven’t been used much in Iceland, which clothing designer Kristín Karlsdóttir and product designer Vigdís Steinarsdóttir see as an interesting challenge. “Unlike most other pelts, these hides come from an animal that has been treated well and is otherwise fully utilized. As such, we think it’s much better to make use of them, rather than dispose or export them, as has been done up until now. Also, this is a more environmentally friendly material than fake fur,” says Valdís. The inspiration for the project came from a class that Valdís attended as part of her product design studies at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, which emphasized the importance of the horse in Icelandic culture and opened up a discussion about an increased use of its by-products. “I became totally obsessed with this raw material and, in time, Kristín and I started talking and …

HA06 is out!

The sixth issue of HA is hot off the presses and sure to please Icelandic design and architecture enthusiasts. This time around, the magazine contains nearly 140 pages of interesting content— which, when it comes to the Icelandic design scene, there’s definitely more than enough of. Our cover story is an interview with Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson, the lead designer at Genki Instruments, and is accompanied by a photo essay that was produced in collaboration with Studio Fræ. Next, fashion designer Sunna Örlygs shares some insight into the process behind the graduation project she completed as part of her Master’s study at ArtEZ, including a video shot by photographer Magnús Andersen. Paul Bennett, the chief creative officer at IDEO who brought half the audience to tears with his personal DesignTalk at the 2017 DesignMarch festival, writes about his experience with our country and society in an open letter to Icelanders.   Ásmundur Hrafn Sturluson and Steinþór Kári Kárason—the architects and owners of Kurt og Pí who just won the 2017 Icelandic Design Award in November for …